Wildfire my new lps oc by sepperlover-d7pf19t


Wildfire is a fire dog. She is energetic and loves to play a lot. She loves to be in the summer and spring. She doesn't mean fire, but she does mind water. Shes a new day camper to the lps day camp. She is shy. She has a crush on Splash. 


Wildfire was born in a dog den in the wild. her parents weren't expecting her to be so different. Her father was concerned that wildfire was different. Her mother had no chance but for wildfire to leave and find a new home maybe if she can. Wildfire was soon all alone in the wild surronded by danger. She was then found by Blythe and the pets, who were on a trip. They decided to bring her to the day camp and raise her. The pets were taking care of her.