(Littlest Pet Shop)

Sunil: Has anyone seen Vinnie?

(Russell and Zoe: Nope.)

Minka: Not at all. Penny?

Penny: I don't see Vinnie.

Pepper: Not a chance.

Sunil: Well I'm gonna find him.

(Vinnie's house)

Vinnie: (stares at the TV)

Sunil: Vinnie?

Vinnie: Hi.

Sunil: Why aren't you at the pet shop?

Vinnie: I'm sick Sunil.

Sunil: Oh.

Vinnie: Go bck to the pet shop.

Sunil: No I'm not leaving you here. I'll watch you.

Vinnie: No.

Sunil: Yes. I'll take care of you.

Vinnie; You're crazy.

Sunil: No I'm not.

Vinnie: I guess.

Sunil: Come on.


Zoe: I can't get the money jar without Vinnie.

Russell: You are not getting my jar!!!

Zoe: But I need it.

Russell: no you don't.

Zoe; Russell.

Russell: Well you can't get my jar this time. (laughs)

Zoe: Not cool Russell. Not cool.

Russell: See yah!