The Penguins of Pet Shop is a 100-minute animated television movie that is produced at DreamWorks Animation Television and DHX Media.


Events after Penguins of Madagascar. When the Penguins takes a move to Downtown City with Agent Classified and his gang, Dave and the Biskits team up to destroy LPS.



  • Blythe
  • Sunil
  • Pepper
  • Penny
  • Russell
  • Vinnie
  • Minka
  • Zoe
  • Captain Cuddles (Pepper's boyfriend)
  • Delilah Barnsley (Sunil's girlfriend)
  • Collin Brady
  • Hannah Clark
  • Cashmere Biskit
  • Skipper
  • Rico
  • Private
  • Kowaski
  • Agent Classified
  • Eva
  • Short Fuse
  • Hunter
  • Dave the Octopus
  • The Biskits
  • Tammy Brady

Blythe's OutfitEdit

  • In the whole movie, Blythe wears a lavender tanktop, black jacket, Jean long skirt, socks and sneakers and her hair is in the hairstyle from "War of the Wierds" with a red headband and has amber necklace and has leg jewelry.


  • This film is rated TV-Y7-FV.