LPS Christmas is the Christmas Special of LPS. This Special is 1-hour long.

Summary Edit

Russell suddenly stops believing in Santa when he gets sick, so Blythe and the pets must get him to belivee in Santa again.

Voice Actors Edit

Starring cast

Andrew Frances -

Tabitha St. Germain - Pepper Clark, L.B Froglegs

Elizabeth Daily (Written as E.G. Daily) - Edie Von Keet

Kunal Nayyar - Mr. Yut

Rhona Rees - Bev Gilturtls

Kyle Rideout - Vinnie Terrio, Quincy Goatee

Ariana Grande - Savannah Cheetaby

Andrea Libman - Roxie McTerrier

Jason Derulo - Trip Hamston

Tara Strong - Jade Catkin

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