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Sandy is an introvert who usually keeps to herself, but if one stays with her long enough to strike up a conversation, she can become less timid. Most are suspicious of her shady attitude, but immediately drop their opinions once they get to know her bubbly personality.

She has a crush on Sugar Sprinkles.

She can sing and play a few chords on the guitar.

She loves to draw, write, and read, even though she has dyslexia.

She loves to eat and sleep.

She has hearing and bright light sensitivities.


Sandy was found shivering under the gutter of Littlest Pet Shop in a horrible rainstorm. It was Vinnie who found her, who for some reason was on a fly raid, despite the weather. He gingerly invited her inside, where the other animals all raced up to her and introduced themselves all at once. Sandy was extremely uncomfortable and hid behind the curtain of a window. Zoe attempted to befriend her, but to no avail. Eventually Youngmee's mother dropped by and explained to Mrs. Twombly that the Sweet Truck had run over a piece of glass and had a flat tire, so she was bringing Sugar Sprinkles and Buttercream to the daycare. Sandy perked up when she took an eyeful of Sugar Sprinkles. The long-time friends greeted each other and began an endearing conversation. When the storm stopped, the Sweet Truck's wheel was repaired, and Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles had to leave. Sandy was upset and offered to come with, but had to remain at the daycare. She was upset, but that was diminished when her Sugar Sprinkles shared a everlasting kiss.

Who Does She Like?Edit

Name Likes/Dislikes Reason
Zoe Trent Likes Sings well and is very understanding, but sometimes she sings too loud and the spotlights and flashes hurt her eyes.
Pepper Clark Likes Makes her laugh, but usually is too loud.
Vinnie Terrio Likes Great dancer; clumsiness makes her laugh
Minka Mark Dislikes Is too loud and energetic for her taste.
Sunil Nevla Likes He is very sweet to her (on her? Hmm...). She likes his magic tricks (though sometimes they hurt her eyes) and accent.
Russell Ferguson Likes Admires his tidiness and intelligence.
Penny Ling Likes Is amazed by her gracefulness. Is usually quiet enough for her.


• She is very forgetful.

• She gets separation anxiety.

• She is good at computing and enjoys playing games on her mobile device given as a gift by Zoe.

• Sandy is extremely moody.

• She does not enjoy having her feet tickled; it makes her kick whoever is doing it.

• She is most known for her OCD. She often complains about the stray food pellets strewn across the feeding area and hoards small objects (such as pebbles or shiny pieces of plastic) and beech nuts from outside

• As suspected by Vinnie and Sunil, she is a half-sorceress. This idea was soon dropped.

• As of her first day at LPS, she disliked Zoe, thinking of her as "snobbish", but they engaged in friendly conversation after they were forced to sing a duet in a game of Truth or Hare.