Zoe: Is it on?

Captain Cuddles: Remind me again WHY I have to be the cameraman?

Pepper: Because you're my boyfriend, so you need to hold the video camera.

Captain Cuddles: Still not explaining WHY, but OK then. In 5,4,3,2...

Pepper: And hello there junior pranksters of tomorrow! I am Pepper Mildred Clark.

Zoe: And I am her best friend, Zoe Trent.

Captain Cuddles: Should I tell them my name, sweetie?

Pepper: Sigh. And the one recording us is my boyfriend, Captain Cuddles.

Captain Cuddles: Tell them the name of the prank.

Pepper: Today's prank, Prank #4312: The Great Boa Switch-A-Roo!!

Zoe: Today we'll be switching one of Madame Pom's Feather Boa with an ACTUAL Boa Constictor!!

Pepper: OK, so do you know where Madame Pom's dressing room is?

Zoe: Yeah, it's on the fifth floor.

Pepper: OK, wish us luck!

The trio sneak in through the front door, and enter Madame Pom's Mansion.

Zoe: It's quiet, too quiet.

Pepper: WAIT!!

She releases a massive stink cloud, revealing that the laser alarm trap has been activated

Captain Cuddles: Lasers! Now what?

Pepper: Hmm...  (A bulb appears above her head) Ah-ha! Zoe, doesn't this place have any air ducts?

Zoe: Well yes, but-

Pepper: Perfect!! We'll sneak into her boudoir through them then!!

Zoe: Sigh, OK fine. Let's go then.

The trio are now crawling through Madame Pom's air ducts in order to get to her boudoir.

Pepper: OK, so for those of you who have just tuned in, we're now sneaking into Madame Pom's boudoir for the Great Boa Switch-A-Roo!

Zoe: Hey, didn't we have two people be lookout incase Madame Pom gets back?

Pepper: True but-

Sunil: Come in, Prankster! This is the Ice Falcon and the Plasma Rhino!! Come in, Prankster!

Pepper: UGH!! For those of you who are wondering what that noise was, it was our friends Sunil and Vinnie.

Vinnie: That's Plasma Rhino and Ice Falcon!!

Pepper: I told you two dimwits, we are NOT using code names for my prank log!!

Sunil: Enough with the code names!! We have a major problem!!

Pepper: What is it??

Vinnie: Madame Pom's back from her karate class!!

Pepper: So?

Sunil: So?! You gotta hurry and replace her lucky feather boa with that constictor before she gets up there!!

Pepper: Don't worry, we're almost near the boudoir! Just try to distract her!!

Vinnie: OK, we'll try!

Sunil: What she say?

Vinnie: We need to distract her!

Sunil: KK! What do we do it however?

Vinnie: I got it! We'll try and scare her!

Sunil: It's because of our costumes isn't it?

Vinnie: Well not really, but still!!

Sunil: Sigh, OK.

Madame Pom walks to her front door, Sunil and Vinnie are hiding in a bush. Vinnie is wearing a green rhino costume and Sunil is wearing a blue falcon costume with ice on it's feathers

Sunil and Vinnie: BOOGABOOGABOOGA!!!!

Madame Pom: AAAHH!!! Stay back, I am a red dragon belt in TKD!

Sunil: I thought you were trained in Karate!

Madame Pom: I am trained in various fighting styles.

Vinnie: Oh boy!

Madame Pom: HI-YAH!!

Sunil and Vinnie: AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Pepper: OK, there's her lucky boa. Now it's time for Madame Pom to get Skunked!! Zoe, hand me the snake!!

Zoe: OK, but hurry!

Pepper: Alright, here we go!!

She switches Madame Pom's Lucky Feather Boa with a Boa Constictor, and carefully puts the snake on the pedestal.

Pepper: YES!! Now let's get out of here before Madame Pom gets here!!

Madame Pom: Too Late!!

Zoe: How did you get up here so fast?!

Madame Pom: I simply beat down your friends with all of my martial arts techniques!

Captain Cuddles: We gotta get outta here!

Pepper: I got it covered!! Smoke on the rope!!!

She throws a smoke bomb causing a smoky explosion that makes the entire mansion go up in smoke.

Madame Pom: Coughing. Where'd they go?! Aw well, maybe my lucky boa can heal me.

She buts the snake on her neck, not realizing that her lucky feather boa is gone.

Madame Pom: GAH!! BACK!! BACK YOU FREAKY NOODLE, BACK!!!!! How dare she does that!!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS ZOE TRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pepper: OK. That's the end of another prank log, but you can post a comment below and request another one for us to do!!

Zoe: Unitl next time, LPS Fans!!

Pepper and Zoe: CYA!!!!

Captain Cuddles: And we're clear!!!