Michael Delano Jefferson was a Mechanic, Engineer, and Inventor & is the President of Black Footed Ferret Transport (BFFT). His favorite color is Blue-Green.

Current Status: Deceased (Killed on September 11, 2014) Age 108


He is an Irish Setter with hybridity of a Labrador Retriever, which supposedly slowly turned his fur black at mid-age.


Michael is a kind canine when it comes to other pets being hurt. He is fair but firm. He also has a bad mood that is hinted by angry talking, but rarely hits him.


Michael was born on February 16, 1908, in Phoenix, Arizona. At age 8 he heard a voice to tell him to leave. He gladly obeyed, as he was discriminated as a young puppy. He fled northwest, which took two years before he landed in Seattle, Washington. he boarded a wagon train that lead him to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There he fled again, this time into Houston, Texas, where he became a Gunslinger. In 1941, when WWII hit the United States of America, he was sent to Great Britain, where he became a "Dogfighter". When WWII ended he landed back in Houston, where he became a successful businessdog. He then decided to create an international transportation company that later became Black Footed Ferret Transport (BFFT). This marks the only one of two transportation companies in the LPS world that uses all the methods of transportation, Air, Rail, Water, and Road. The only other one is Blackbird International, founded by a friend of his, Henry James Millington. Vietnam broke out, and Mike was sent out with Henry to fight north Vietnam. But Michael was shout down by a Mig-21 in 1972. As a near-prisoner of war he met a lone wolf pup that he adopted and later named Sarah Winchester Jefferson. He was sent back to the friendly territory of Hawaii. He later became a United States Air Force Thunderbird Airshow Pilot Flying-in-formation with F-4 Phantoms painted red white and blue. He met Littlest Pet Shop for the first time here, as he flew an Airshow in Downtown City. After he retired, he was still determined to fly in the airshow business, having borrowed his F-4 Former Thunderbird #3. He then met Blythe Baxter and Anna Twombly after his second airshow alone in Downtown City, where he then became friends in 2000. On September 11, 2014, he was killed while walking down the streets. His Legacy continues as the fictional Jefferson Legacy Air Show, hosted in his unforgotten home in Houston.