Megan Twombly is a fan-made character and is not part of the real show.



Megan McKenna Twombly is a nice girl who just loooooooves to make people happy, which means she will go great lengths not to upset anyone, no matter how annoying they might be, which makes her and easy target for the Biskit twins, but anyone who annoys her to the breaking point has another thing coming, however nice she seems, she can be as mean as the Biskit twins, and sometimes even worse.So that means that even if she looks a pushover, she'll stand up for her friends and fight their battles with them and for them. She's fast friends with Blythe and the rest of Blythe's friends. She previously lived in New York, but after some time her parents decided to send her to Downtown City so that she could live with her Aunt Anna to help her with the pet shop. She has a talent for designing, which is a minor reason for her friendship with Blythe


She has an appearance similar to Blythe's; Brown hair and blue eyes, though her hair is medium brown rather than dark brown and her eyes are brilliant blue(look it up on the internet). Her skin is a normal color.


Megana's Mother is McKenna Twombly and her father is David Twombly, Anna Twombly's youngest brother. Her aunt is Anna Twombly. Her great great great great grandmother is Henrietta Twombly.


Her best friend is Blythe, she's also friends with Sue, Young Mee and Jasper.

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