My new fanfic series.

Characters Edit

Mrs Twombly: A husky and Principal of littlest pet high

Blythe:A chipmunk and teacher

Russell:Class president

Vinnie: Street smart dude,not good in studies but awesome at surviving classes

Sunil:Shy dude always in his family's shadow

Penny:Expert at gym and P.E,sweet girl all around,but is really tougher than nails.

Zoe:Typical diva,president of drama club

Pepper:Class clown,bff of Zoe and Penny

Minka:Crazy mess maker and artist

Youngmee: A ferret and teacher of Art(in which she teaches cooking classes)

Jasper:A chocolate lab and science teacher

Sue:A cat,teaches gym

Sugar Sprinkles:Super chill and guitarist in "wasp stings"

Buttercream:Bffs with Heidi and Sugar,very hyper,drummer in the "wasp stings"

Heidi:Sweet and hyper pup,lead singer of the"wasp stings"

Digby:Jock and Penny's younger brother and also her self-appointed older brother(half panda half puppy,looks like puppy)Zoe's crush