A total of 26 episodes were produced for the fanon series.


Season 1Edit

# Title Brief Summary
1 Collin's Petty Adventures Collin, the speedy meerkat and his friends (a Pink echidna and a yellow flying squirrel) move to the big city that has the pet shop and Sniffles own him.
2 SuperPets The Pets including Blythe become SuperPets with masks, gloves, capes, outfits, and shoes (except for Blythe).
3 Bad Breath The students make fun of Blythe by having her bad breath.
3 Sleep For Your Youngmee Youngmee has ended up having some sad dreams and nightmares, so Blythe makes her sleep.
4 Missing You Roger sadly moves away from Blythe to live and work.
5/6 Angry Birds Blythe and the pets take a one week trip to Angry Birds' Island.
7 Surprise Party The pets plan to throw a surprise party for Blythe, but the Biskit twins plan to put kitty litter on cake to ruin Blythe's birthday, but it is protected by Mary Francis (a male pig with a girls name).
8 Penny For Your Price When Pouchers spot Penny Ling at the Littlest Pet Shop, they plot to kidnap and sell her off to the black market. Hilliarity unsues in their febble attempts to capture the adorable panda, meanwhile the Biskits guilt trip Blythe into inviting them to her slumber party.
9 Fun Friday Pepper Clark and Blythe argue over who has the easiest life and they wish they could switch places, mysteriously their wish comes true as Pepper Clark and Blythe switch bodies, the day of Blythe’s big class presentation and Pepper Clark’s comedy job.
9 Three Times For Your Fun Blythe is devastated to find out her new boyfriend is only using her to get a new fashionable look, and finds out he is dating the Biskit twins and using them for their money, Blythe and the Biskits gain their revenge on the three timing jerk, meanwhile Buttercream and Penny compete for the title of the most adorable pet at the pet shop.
10 Littlest Party The pet shop throws a party for the pets, and they invite all of their previous visitors included Gayle, Esteban, Mary Francis, Madame Pom to the party. All the pets are reunited with their friends, and a party insues. Meanwhile when the Biskits find out about the party, they mistaking think Blythe is throwing a party for all the kids at school and they were snubbed, they plan to sabotage it.
11 Chuckle No More Sunil starts to feel embarrassed about his laugh and he vows that he will never laugh again. Now the other pets try everything they can think of to make Sunil laugh.
12 Russil Loves Blythe Russil develops a crush on Blythe.
13 Snow Blythe and the Seven Pets Blythe tells the pets the story of Snow White with herself in the title role, the pets as the dwarves, Josh as Prince Charming, and the Bisket Twins as the Wicked Queens.
14 Private Eye Russil When Mrs. Twombly is missing, Russil imagines himself as a film noir private eye set out to find her.
15 Community Service After a mean and harmful prank, the Bisket sisters have to do community service at L.P.S. under Blythe's supervision or go to Juvenile Hall. This is something the twins mutually hate with Blythe and the pets.
16 Shrunken Day Blythe is shrunken to size of her pet friends.
17 Speed Mayhem Sherman gets a new pet named Collin Brady, a green speedy meerkat, but when Collin gets dropped off by the pet shop, the trouble begins. Will he save his new friend with the help of Blythe and Sunil?
18 Experimental Love Candy Cane appears like a first time in the the pet shop, there, she is making an experiment for multiply acorns. NO! What a problem, she doesn't have acorns! She meets Russell Ferguson and she falls in love with him, and she ask him help to get an acorn, and finally occurs an unexpected thing...
19/20 My Littlest Pet Shop: Friendship is Magic Blythe and the pets take a trip to Equestria. This is a MLP: FIM and LPS crossover.
21 The Hiccups Blythe gets the hiccups and the pets try many things to get rid of her hiccups.
22 I Just Want To Hang Out With You Penny gets jealous when Russell hangs out with Pepper more than her. Meanwhile Blythe starts a Fashion Club.
23 How I Met You Russell tells Blythe how he met and became friends with Minka.
24 Pet Love Day Penny goes to extreme heights for the new camper Benny so he could ask her to be his pet lover, while Blythe finds out who her secret admirer is.
25 Find My Talent The pets try to find the new day camper named Clarissa's talent. Meanwhile, Blythe helps the Biskits choose a pet.
26 Princes And Princesses Season 1 finale. After telling a story by Blythe, the pets turn into princes and princess.

Season 2Edit

  1. I Think I Have A Crush On a Meerkat - Cashmere goes to LPS with Velvet, then Cashmere has a crush on Collin.
  2. Just Like Old Times - Blythe's tries to give dolls makeovers, meanwhile, Collin confronts a purple lion.
  3. The Collin Brady Show - Collin makes a tv show about himself and became so famous, making Blythe and her friends fear that Collin would move away to Hollywood.
  4. Father Back.......for a day?! - Roger returns to Downtown City for a day to hang out with Blythe.
  5. The Good, The Bad and The Youngmee - After got struck by a lighting, Youngmee changes her personalities every time loud stuff is heard.
  6. The Skirtphobia Eel - The visiting Electric eel has a fear of skirts.
  7. Parents Collin and Cashmere - after Collin and Cashmere are married (they are married off screen), Cashmere and Collin raises their first kid, Tammy.
  8. Operation: Blythe's Love - After Josh breaks up with Blythe, The pets and the first pet kid, Tammy tries to find Blythe's love, which is........Jasper?!
  9. Pound Pet Shop - When Russell's latest invention accidently brings The Pound Puppies into the Littlest Pet Shop, they must try to take them back home.
  10. Sniffles Returns! - Collin's old owner returns and became friends with Collin again
  11. The Mole Mayhem - Blythe, Cashmere and Collin meets the mole twins named Star and Diggs.
  12. The Blythe of Pet Shop - After mistaken for a super hero, Blythe becomes a superhero, meanwhile, the pets tries to make a sad lion happy.
  13. Sad Day - A bad luck hits on Blythe, and it was so sad that she made her cry, meanwhile, Collin gets lost at the school.
  14. Immortals - Baymax and the Big Hero 6 visits Downtown City to put a end in the danger in LPS. (Crossover with Big Hero 6)