List of Blythe Baxter & Friends episodes. Each seasons has 26 episodes.

Season 1Edit

No. in Series No. in Season Title Summary
1 1 "The Beginning" Blythe Baxter must find out that the pets could really talk and discover things are not what they seem.
2 2 "Hypnotized" The Biskit Twins hypnotizes Youngmee to do weird stuff and Blythe finds the way to break the spell.
3 3 "Runway Madness" Blythe is ready for the runway, but the Biskit Twins plan for the ultimate prank.
4 4 "Tiny-Sized Blythe" Blythe and the pets are shrunk by the Biskit twins' machine and has the way to change them back to normal!
5 5 "Remote Controlled" The pets fight over the remote while watching TV. Meanwhile, Blythe and Youngmee go shopping.

Season 2Edit