Ledleu, pronounced (lh-leu), is a pale Orange indian meerkat and is Collin's cousin from India and one of Colln's cousin from all over the world.


He is usually nice, friendly and clumsy, but when he gets annoyed or sees Cobras, he goes furious mode.


  • Like Sunil Nevla, he fights Cobras.
  • He likes Blythe's outfit she wore for the India vacation (a sleeveless/strapless dress that touched her calves with a ribbon thingys on her wrists, teal leggings and heels and her hair in pigtails and has jewelry earrings, jewelry bracelets and jewelry necklaces), because he likes treasure, though he hates stealing treasure.
  • He is voiced by Kunal Nayyar due to his Indian accent.


  • "Collin! Nice to see you and seems that you brought your friends!"
  • "Ledlew? its pronounced lh-leu, Ledleu."
  • You must be Sunil, Collin's best friend.""