[The episode begins with Minka painting a picture of Zoe as Blythe came in the door]

Minka: *sigh* It's perfect!

Zoe: Really?

Minka: Beuatful!

Zoe: I figured.

All pets except Minka: Hey Blythe!

Blythe: Hey guys, I have something to tell you!


Blythe: *giggle* No Minka, I'm starting a FASHION CLUB!

All pets except Minka: *gasp* WOW!

Zoe: Oh my goodness, is this true Blythe, tell me if this is true!

Blythe: It's very true Zoe!

Zoe: *squeal*

Blythe: Well, I better get started with Youngmee at her house. See you guys soon!

All pets except Minka: Bye Blythe, have fun!

[Blythe shuts the door]

Penny: *squeal* This is exciting, isn't it Russell?

Russell: Yes, it sure is Penny, it sure is. (Holds Penny's hand)

Minka: (turns around) *gasp*

Zoe: What's wrong Minka?

Minka: WHAT DO YOU THINKS WRONG! (Stomps out the room)

Russell: What's wrong with Minka?

Penny: Was it something I did?

(Theme Song plays)

(After the Theme Song)

[At Youngmee's house, Blythe is seen preparing for her Fashion Club grand opening]

Blythe: Ooh, this is exciting, the grand opening of my own Fashion Club! *squeal*

Youngmee: I know, it's pretty exciting, I'm happy for you Blythe!

Blythe: Thanks Youngmee, well better get to starting! (Goes outside)

Youngmee: (Goes outside with Blythe)

[Blythe turns the sign to "Open!"]

Blythe: *Squeal* (sits at desk)

Youngmee: Wow, cool desk Blythe!

Blythe: I know, once people see me at the desk, they'll say the same thing!

Youngmee: I know, but-

Blythe: Youngmee, don't be silly, this will be fun. (Walks off)

Youngmee: *sigh* (follows her)

[Back at the Pet Shop, the pets are playing with their friends just when Russell walked up to Penny]

Russell: Hey Penny, can we talk?

Penny: Sure we can! (grabs his hand)

[Minka is seen on top of the Fire Hydrant with crossed arms and an angry impression on her face]

Penny: Hmm, Minka hasn't came down from the Fire Hydrant all day, I'm worried about her.

Russell: Me too.


Sunil: I don't know Vinnie, but we have to do something.

Pepper: I know just the thing!

Russell: Pepper, I wouldn't do that if I where you.

Pepper: Don't be redivculous, I know what I'm doing!

Minka: *roar*

Pepper: (comes back) Apperantly not!

Penny: I know what happened, but I love you, Russell!

Minka: (mocking Penny slently in a sarcastic way)

Russell: I do too, Penny.

Minka: (Whispering) Just shut up, Penny!

Penny: Uh, what?

Minka: (mumbling sarcasticly) Nothing!

[The pets shrugged as Minka turned back to the back]

Minka: *hmph*