I Just Want To Hang Out With You is the 22nd episode in the LPS Fanon series.

Summary Edit

Penny gets jealous when Russell is hanging out with Pepper more then her, meanwhile, Blythe starts a Fashion Club.

Appearances Edit

Major Edit





Biskit Twins

Youngmee Song

The Pets

Minor Edit

Collin Brady

Sue Patterson

Jasper Jones (mentioned)

Josh Sharp (mentioned)

Blythe's outfit Edit

Blythe should wear a Blue shoulder shirt, short Orange skirt, Purple tights, Black flats, and had the hairstyle from "Hamster Hoods" with a Green headband. (First half)

Blythe other outfit should be a Purple Polo, Black leggings, Black flats, and had her hair in a braided ponytail with a Red hair tie.