One day Zoe wanted some money for the vending machine. So she asked Russell a million times. "Hey Russell, can I have some money?" Asked Zoe. Russell told her no and told Vinnie to go to class. Later Zoe asked Vinnie if he had any money. Of course he didn't, but he had something else in his mind. Russell keeps a money jar in his locker. "All we need to do is get in his locker and get it ourselves." Vinnie won't let Zoe do it by herself, so he's gonna help her. At Russell's locker, Vinnie tells Zoe that they need a code word. Vinnie said that the word is orange because Russell is orange. Zoe thought it was a dumb name, so she thought of Peaches like the mammoth's name in Ice Age. Every time they see Russel, Zoe yells peaches and they both run into the lecture hall. Later in S.S, Russell puts his money jar away and Vinnie puts his gecko hand in Russell's bag. Then he and Zoe run into the hallway before Russell finds them. "Peaches!!!" Yelled Vinnie. They were not near the Lecture hall, so they went to the nurse's office, but in order to get there, they had to hit their hand at the wall. Back in the hallway, Russell catches them with his money jar and they had to explain to him everything that happened. And that's what happened with Vinnie and Zoe with the money jar.