Have no fear, the boys are here Edit

The girls get lost and the boys have to save them.










(in the pet shop)

Zoe: I'm bored.

Pepper; Me too.

Minka; lets take a walk.

Penny: But shouldn't we wait until the boys get up?

Zoe; No!

Pepper: Lets go!

(Zoe, Pepper, Minka, and Penny leave)

(1 hour later)

Russell; (wakes up) Good morning pets. (gasp) Where are the girls? (screams) the girls are not here!!!!

Sunil: (wakes up) Whoa! Russell?

Russell: I'm sorry.

Sunil: what's going on?

Russell: The girls are gone!!!

Sunil; okay calm down Russell.

Russell: Don't you get it!? the girls are gone!!!!

Sunil: Relax. we'll find them. (elbows Vinnie)

Vinnie: I'm up.

Sunil: we have to find the girls.

Vinnie: (yawns) I'm too tired. (puts his feet on the wall)

Russell: No Vinnie, you're help us right now!!

Vinnie: No way Russell. it's the the 3 boys. We can do whatever we want!!! If you're a guy, you're the pet who's the best. Say so long and goodbye to the crazy pests.

Sunil: if you're a guy you can spend all your time in a coat and a tie singing lyrics....the sound very good with the other lyrics. Oh what can I say singing was never my strong suit.

Russell: If you're a guy you don't need any girls. come on lets try to do some manly dances.

Vinnie: You can burp without fear.

Russell: You can......Oh what am I saying? We have to save the girls!!!!!

Sunil: okay. (phone rings) Hello?

Pepper: Hey Sunil.

Sunil: Where are you?

pepper: Oh you know. we're walking around.

Sunil: what?

Zoe: Give me the phone! Sunil, we're lost in the woods.

Sunil: okay Zoe. The boys to the rescue!!!!


Russell: I can't believe we have to save them. Thanks a lot Vinnie.

Vinnie; Oh you are so welcome Russell.

Sunil: please fight later! we have to save the girls!

Russell: Where exactly are they though?

Sunil: The woods.

(Vinnie & Russell: The woods!?)

Sunil: Yes. now come on! We have to save them!

Russell: well i guess we have no choice.

Vinnie: Oh no we're not working together.

Russell: we don't have a choice Vinnie.

Vinnie: No i rather break my leg!

Russell: Oh okay! Well I rather brake my arm!!!

Sunil: that's it! I'll save them. You stay right out here. I'll be back. (walks into the woods)

Russell: When he gets back we are not talking to each other!

Vinnie: Right.

(in the woods)

Sunil; Girls!? girls?

Zoe: (gasp) Sunil!

Pepper: yes!

Penny: we're safe!!

Minka: (screams)

Sunil: lets go and next time, don't walk into the woods.