Giggles is a 2015 Computer-Animated Film that is a Priority of the movie Frozen.

Character Codes:

Zoe Trent= Anna

Pepper Clark= Elsa

Russell Ferguson= Khristoff

Minka Mark= Olaf


Penny Ling= Oaken

Vinnie Terrio= Hans


You all know this!

Voice CastEdit

Nicole Oliver as Zoe Trent

Tabitha St. Germain as Pepper Clark

Samuel Vincent as Russell Ferguson

Kira Tozer as Minka Mark

Frank Welker as Marshmallow

Jocelyn Lowen as Penny Ling

Kyle Rideout as Vinnie Terrio

Ava Acres as Young Zoe

Meghan Trainer as Young Pepper

Kylie Epp as Zoe Trent (Singing)

Absent: Sunil Nevla and Blythe Baxter


Do You Wanna Make Laughter? (Sung by Young Zoe and Spoke by Young Pepper)