Gail Trent

Gail Trent

Gail is introduced as being trapped inside Largest Ever Pet Shop. Zoe mistakes her for other dogs sometimes.

Family: Zoe Trent and Niki Trent

Physical Description Edit

Just like Zoe , Gail is a Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel. She resembles Zoe with her icy blue eyes and ear style, but is mainly pink but has pinkish purple hair, styled into a perm on her head, and ears, and her eyelashes are not as thick. Just like Zoe she has a round splotch on her chest that goes onto her stomach and on her face she has a circular shape on her muzzle that goes up to her forehead then turns into a upside down triangle, that are light purple. Her collar is gold that are squares but still connect and in the front where a golden chain with 3 links, where there is a light blue heart charm.