Duck at the pet shop Edit

(7 pets are playing)

Blythe: Hey everyone we have a new pet today. Her name is Bella.

(pets: Hi Bella.)

Vinnie: (gasp) She's so beautiful. I love you.

Penny: (gasp)

Russell: Hello Bella, I'm Russell, and this is Vinnie, Sunil, pepper, Penny, Minka, and Zoe.

Vinnie: (sighs) Bella. (falls down)

Russell: Sunil, can you....

Sunil: (sighs) Fine. Come on Vinnie.

Vinnie: Oh Sunil, did you see her? She's so beautiful.

Sunil: That's great. (puts his magician hat on) I got a magic trick to do. And now take...what number and I on? 22? okay 22. take 22!

Penny: (comes out of Sunil's hat)

Sunil: (screams) Oh Penny Ling it's just you. Please get out of my hat.

Penny: Okay but....

Sunil: I'd love to talk, but I have important things to do.

Penny: (holds on to Sunil's leg) Please you have to help me! Please Sunil! (starts crying)

Sunil: Why do I need to help?

Penny: Please Sunil!!!!!!!!!

Sunil: Okay I'll help you.

Penny: Thank you Sunil.

Sunil: I'm going to regret this.

Russell: So Bella tell us about yourself.

Bella: okay like?

Vinnie: Well are you single? Are you dating anyone? Come on tell me. Please! Please!!!!!

Bella: (runs and hides behind Sunil)

Sunil; sorry about Vinnie. He likes you.

Bella: oh I like you too.

Sunil: No. I mean Vinnie has a crush on you.

Bella: Oh. You mean that gecko?

Sunil: Yes. The Gecko.

Bella: (sighs) he's so cute.

Sunil: huh?

Bella: I like Vinnie.

Russell: what's going on here?

Sunil: Oh nothing. Bella and Vinnie are in love.

Russell: Oh. Bella and Vinnie are in love!?

Sunil: Yep.

Russell: Gecko Boy!!!

Zoe; Uh did I miss something?

Penny: Yes! Vinnie loves the duck more than me.

(Minka and Pepper: ooh.)

Sunil: It's not even Valentine's day and Vinnie's in love? Weird.

Pepper: Anything else?

Sunil: And Penny Ling is bugging me.

Pepper: well at least you're not sick.

Sunil: I know.

Penny: Sunil, come over here.

Sunil: What's wrong?

Penny: I want Vinnie to love me!!

Sunil: Penny.

Penny: Please Sunil.

Sunil: Okay. So what do we do?

Penny: well we have to make Vinnie fall in love with me.

Sunil: Penny, you can't make someone love you.

Penny: No?

Sunil: No. Look I know you like Vinnie, but he's not into you.

Penny: Why not?

Sunil: look I don't know. Why am i the pet who always has to solve every problem?

Russell: I have no clue Sunil.

Sunil: I'm not the pet mediator.

Russell: Maybe you are.

Vinnie: hey Bella?

Bella: Yes?

Vinnie: I have something to say.

Bella: Yes?

Vinnie: Will you go out with me?

Bella: Yes. yes I will.

Vinnie: (gasp) I love you.

Bella: I love you too.

Zoe: aw.

Russell: it's not cute Zoe.

Zoe; yes it is. It's love at first quack.

Russell: okay that's (laughs) kind of funny. (starts laughing) okay it's totally funny. Oh I love this.

Sunil: Can you focus here? We have a problem.

Russell: What problem? it's so cute.

Sunil: it's not cute Russell.

Russell: yes it is.

Sunil: (sighs) Why am I the mature one?

Vinnie: Don't look at me.

Sunil: (sighs)

Zoe: Vinnie and a duck. hey Russell?

Russell: what?

Zoe: If they get married, what would their kids be?

Russell: Half Duck half Gecko. Also they will all have beaks.

Zoe: yes!

Sunil: Can you please pay attention?

Penny: Sunil?

Sunil: What Penny?

Penny: You have to help me.

Sunil: Do what?

Penny: you know. we're gonna get this duck out of here.

Sunil: No I can't. Do you see how she makes Vinnie happy? I can't do that to a friend.

Penny: But...

Sunil: No.

Penny: But you promised you'd help me.

Sunil are you sure? cause I remember you forced me into this.

Vinnie: So Bella, want to have a date with me?

Bella: yes I'd...

Blythe; Guys it's time for Bella to go now.

Bella: I'd love to, but I have to go.

Vinnie: Oh.

Sunil: Wow. I guess it didn't work out.

Vinnie: No, but I always wanted to be a single gecko and guess what?

Sunil: What?

Vinnie; I am!!!