Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Candy Cane is a red female squirrel who appears in Experimental Love (Episode).


She just appears in Experimental Love (Episode).

Who is Candy Cane?Edit

Candy Cane, is a red squirrel (female) and is a great scientist. She did an experiment which multiply anything, and she used it to have more acorn for her family, with the help of Russell, and in the episode we can see that she is in love with he.

Her personality:

She has raving character, she is very nervous, she  express happiness sometimes, is difficult see her happiness.

Physical appearanceEdit

She is a red squirrel, with green eyes, and her hair is wavy and short, with red and white stripes, the same as  her 

long tail. She wear candy cane glasses and a scientist suit, with red bellhops.