(at school)

Zoe: Okay lets go get that money jar so I can get some chips.

Vinnie: (sneezes)

Zoe; Dude, you have to be quiet. Russell might hear you.

Vinnie: Sorry. (sneezes)

Zoe: Vinnie are you getting a cold?

Vinnie: I think it's allergies.

Zoe; You get allergies?

Vinnie: Yeah I think. (sniffs)

Zoe: Okay.

Vinnie: (sneezes)

Russell: Vinnie? Is that you?

Zoe: Oh no!

Vinnie; hey Russell and Sunil

Sunil: are you okay?

Vinnie: yeah it's allergies.

Sunil: You don't get allergies.

Vinnie: Oh. Then I guess I'm.....Ah-Choo!!!!

Russell: whoa.

Zoe; (laughs) Well I better go.

Russell: wait what are you hiding from me?

Zoe; Nothing.

Sunil: She's hiding something.

Russell: yeah. I know you have something behind your back.

Zoe: (gasps)

Vinnie; yes she does have something. The money jar.

Sunil: Okay we need to take you to the nurse, you sound like you're sick.

Vinnie: Fine.